Real-time monitoring for investment banking and execution

Geneos was born in the trading rooms of large investment banks and has since been deployed at over 200 financial institutions and across 9 out of 10 top tier investment banks.

Alerting hierarchy and automation: helping execution teams

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Geneos has filled a significant gap in the market - no other monitoring tool is built specifically for execution and front office. Its advanced capabilities in alerting hierarchy and alerting automation mean that execution teams can allocate more time on the revenue generating side of the business.

How Geneos can help with electronic trading, investment banking and execution

End to end view of trading infrastructure

End-to-end view of trading infrastructure

The single integrated system provided by Geneos achieves a real-time, end-to-end view of trading infrastructure including applications, transaction flows and connections to external services.

Mproving operational performance copia

Improving operational performance

Geneos helps you achieve operational excellence by automating processes and anticipating bottlenecks and service shortfalls, allowing for support resources to be allocated more efficiently.

Monitoring MInfrastructure M copia

Proactive approach to infrastructure weaknesses

By identifying underperforming trading assets and performance inconsistencies, Geneos helps you address infrastructure weaknesses before they impact your business and enables you to prioritise your infrastructure investment.

What Geneos delivers


In-house application monitoring

Industry-standard application plugins and in-house custom applications’ monitoring using a suite of development toolkits.


Event monitoring

An end-to-end view that enables clients to have telemetry-based visibility across multiple applications and event workflows.

Data feeds

Data feeds

The success of financial institutions depends on the availability of timely and trustworthy data sources. Geneos is the industry leading tool for monitoring real-time data feeds.


Real-time monitoring

Trading and execution platforms require up-to-date observability. Geneos monitors at near real time, ensuring accurate alerting and status reporting.
Low impact probe

Low impact probes

Geneos Netprobes have been built to have close to no impact on the servers in which they run. Information is passed to dedicated gateways for processing from the production servers.


FIX Analyser plugin

Built with trading rooms in mind, our link into clients’ FIX engines means that trading activity can be overlayed with application and infrastructure metrics.


Scalability and performance

Whether you’re monitoring one thousand servers, ten thousand servers or one hundred thousand servers, our horizontally scalable solutions enable deployment.

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