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Real-time monitoring for investment banks

Monitor transactions, processes, applications, end-to-end services, and business activity for hybrid IT in real time.

Investment banks - Improve efficiencies

Get real-time insights into your trading platforms

  • Less than 1 second data polling:ITRS Geneos reports in less than a second, allowing you to minimize MTTD and MTTR for your business-critical trading applications.

  • Less than 2% CPU: Near-zero impact agents ensure your critical business processes keep running smoothly all the time.

  • Comprehensive visibility: Get an end-to-end view of your trading infrastructure including applications, transaction flows, and connections to external services.

  • Find issues instantly: Proactively identify bottlenecks, latency issues, and potential system failures.

Investment banks - Address infrastructure weaknesses

Monitor market data feeds and FIX engines for up-to-the-second trading insights

  • Market Data Monitoring: Analyze the performance and integrity of systems distributing market data. 

  • Data latency: Analyze relative data latency between different market feeds to see a continuous picture of overall market data performance.

  • Monitor FIX: Designed for trading rooms, our link into client’s FIX engines allows seamless overlay of trading activity with application and infrastructure metrics.

Investment banks - Transaction flow

Track transactions all the way down to raw machine data

  • End-to-end transaction monitoring: Follow the lifecycle of a transaction across both on-premises and cloud environments, all in one integrated view.

  • Real-time visibility: Get real-time insights into trade execution, settlement processes, and payment flows.

  • Anomaly detection: Detect unusual trading activities, payment delays, or discrepancies in transaction data.

Investment banks - Drive operational resilience

Gain visibility across all your existing environments in customized dashboards

Used by 9/10 top global investment banks, ITRS Geneos is the only tailored monitoring tool for the financial services industry that allows for unmatched integration of all your monitored systems, from legacy to cutting-edge new technology.

  • Seamlessly integrate with all commonly used data sources, applications, and infrastructure components.

  • Monitor everything: from on-premises to cloud, custom applications, legacy environments, and modern infrastructure.

  • Easily extend monitoring to accommodate new technologies and customize the platform to fit your specific needs.

Investment banks - Reduce alert noise

Receive early warning signals and set up automated corrective actions

  • Identify underperforming trading components and performance inconsistencies across the trade lifecycle.

  • Use active full-stack monitoring to take action and correct incidents before they impact your customers.

  • Aggregate data from multiple monitoring tools, across distributed environments.

  • Improve operational performance by automating essential operational processes, anticipating bottlenecks and services shortfalls.

Experience ITRS for investment banks with a personalized demo

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