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Volunteering at The Paddock Community Nature Park in London

End January, 8 of us from the London ITRS office headed to The Paddock, a public park on the edge of Tottenham in North London, to take part in a restoration project. 

The park has been in a state of disrepair for many years, and a volunteer organisation called TCV, who improve green spaces across the UK, have been helping to make the park a more pleasant area for visitors, whilst encouraging wildlife. More info can be found here.

The ITRS team were delighted to have the opportunity to become involved with this volunteer effort. One of our tasks was to remove weeds, debris, and litter from communal pathways. Another of our tasks was to restore a green space by cutting back overgrown trees, removing dead wood, leaves, and litter. The branches and foliage collected were then re-used to create ‘head-hedges’ near the entrance of the park (creating a great habitat for insects and small mammals).

A huge thank you to the following volunteers: Chris Banat, Roland Young, Panos Melas, Jack Morris, Charlie Royce, Johann Delaunay and Luke Sobers.

Below are some photos from the day!

ITRS Group CSR activity photo

ITRS Group building hedges CSR

ITRS Group path clearing CSR

ITRS Group transporting foliage CSR