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ITRS Group partners with Intelligencia

ITRS Group partners with Intelligencia to enable Gaming and Casino businesses to remain always-on


ITRS Group, the leading provider of estate monitoring, capacity planning, IT analytics and load testing to cross-industry enterprise clients, has today announced a new partnership with software and analytical consulting company Intelligencia to service their gaming and casino clients in the Asia-Pacific region.


The partnership, which represents an expansion of ITRS’ presence in the APAC region and its first partnership in the Casino and Gaming industry, will help Intelligencia clients like The Venetian Macao and Galaxy Macau to operate more efficiently and securely round-the-clock to avoid outages, reputational damage and potential fines.


In the last few years, global regulators have set their sights on bringing the gaming and casino industry in line with the more heavily regulated financial services industry. On top of a newfound awareness among the industry of the business virtues of operational resilience, this means gaming and casino businesses require greater oversight of their businesses than ever before. Yet, with some of the most vast and complex IT systems of any industry, and an inherent requirement to be always-on, it has proven to be an overwhelming challenge for many.  


Through conversations with its clients, Intelligencia identified the need for robust and scalable monitoring solutions throughout the industry. With a 20-year legacy in the complex and similarly 24/7 environment of capital markets, ITRS’ product suite was well-suited to be customised and scaled to meet this new and growing demand.


Andrew Pearson, Founder and Managing Director at Intelligencia, says: “In the past year, we’ve witnessed our customers become increasingly overburdened by the real-time economy, where business transactions are almost 100% digital and expected to be instantaneous. To add to this, there are numerous stresses for businesses to contend with around the rising complexity of IT systems, the growing desire for speed and innovation, the growing needs of customer personalisation, and the desire to change and scale without putting technology under critical strain.


“We are proud to be partnering with ITRS to reduce these growing client headaches as well as to improve operational resilience. We’re particularly excited to be offering ITRS’ Capacity Planner, which will allow our clients visibility into their entire IT estates – physical, virtual and cloud – and keep tabs on available or overcapacity infrastructure resources, which are particularly difficult in a place like Macau, where the tricky legal framework requires innovative solutions. With ITRS at our side, 2020 will see us expand our business further into the Philippines and South Korea, two big up and coming casino and gaming business nations.”


Mark Loader, Executive Director at ITRS Group, says: “The casino and gaming industry is still relatively misunderstood when it comes to the IT challenges it faces. There is an incredible breadth of systems that must all work in concert to keep customers connected 24/7, putting strains on IT systems and staffing around the world. In places like Macau, presently facing a shortage in local workforce, anything that alleviates the manual workload and captures production issues before they disrupt business is a welcomed solution.


“Intelligencia struck us as a firm with unique expertise in this space. Upon meeting up with the team, it quickly became clear that we were both working to the same end goal: to make operational resilience a priority across all industries. On top of this, our suite of solutions perfectly complemented their own. We’re excited to be adding Intelligencia’s gaming and casino clients to ITRS’ long and respected list of enterprise clients across industry markets.”

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