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We recently held a meetup for ITRS users at our New York office

ITRS NY Meetup, 16th November 2017

We recently held a meetup for ITRS software users at our New York office. These events prove a great opportunity for us to hear feedback directly from our clients, along with a chance to update them on our latest product functionality and how they can advance their IT operations to deliver more results.

It was great to see over 40 clients in attendance at our new office space in Mid-town, welcomed by Joyce Tiu, Country Manager for North America and Steve Lapp, Product Manager.

Peter Duffy and Scott Russell walked attendees through a live demo of Insights Capacity Planner, and discussed how it can be used to reduce hot spots and cold spots across IT estates, reducing spend on expensive hardware while maintaining confidence in being able to meet surges or peaks in demand on IT resource. They also showed how easy Capacity Planner is to use as part of Change Management projects to map out different scenarios to find the best option to move forward. This wasn't all about infrastructure - the application view example showed how a client uses this software to manage their mobile banking application. By combining the infrastructure and application data, it shows how the application's transaction data is performing along with the infrastructure, for example the response time of transactions. By quantifying the relationships between the application and infrastructure data, it can be used to model more realistic scenarios and future scenarios.

Luis Horna from Solace, talked about Solace's open data movement and how the ITRS integration plays a key part of that. Solace provides middleware that specialises in message flows, and the integration with ITRS Geneos is important as clients can then monitor these message flows in real-time. Solace's open data movement is critical to supporting this new era we are moving into where software is often required to support big data architectures, cloud, IoT, next gen messaging, while making sure that your information is always where it needs to be, when it needs to be.

Finally, Rajiv Subramanian and Jared Baker led an interesting talk on Sympony, the platform that powers work. Symphony was created specifically for the financial services industry, to provide more control and encryption when collaborating over messaging platforms. An essential platform as part of anyone's toolkit when dealing with multiple messaging platforms, including social media. Symphony drives faster responses and more insightful information, while making that information more discoverable. The Geneos to Symphony integration makes it easy to notify employees around the world regarding outages, or ingests the application, messaging and infrastructure data that Geneos captures, providing a valuable data feed to the Symphony platform.

You can watch the video of the event below: