Changes based off our client survey

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Changes based off our client survey

The changes we've made since March's client survey

Your ideas and suggestions make ITRS a high-touch organisation – we like talking to you, asking you what we can be doing better, and using your input to shape the direction our products take. And of all the mechanisms we use to interact with you, none garners greater focus than the bi-annual survey we send out to all our customers. 

This September, we’re abbreviating the survey to make it quicker to fill in and respond to. Even so, we’d like to encourage you to give us a few minutes of your time to complete it in full.  

For anyone who has followed the series of blog posts I have written over the last 18 months, you’ll appreciate that not only do we listen to customer feedback, but we also turn it into actions. So, the more you tell us, the more we can do with it.  

Lokesan Balakrishnan, Geneos product manager, agrees: “We are fortunate to have a growing community of Geneos users who contribute enormously to the growth of the product. We continuously make decisions that are directly linked to the needs of our users, big and small. Your feedback drives product decisions daily.” 

Sometimes we use your feedback to guide actions that build over time and aren’t immediately visible to you (developing our open source stack, for example), but other times the opposite is true and the results are delivered rapidly and very visibly.  

This week we saw the latter when we released a new high-level information architecture for the Geneos help. Actually, in the interests of full disclosure, this is an interim change – we’re currently working with you to create a more comprehensive architecture change for next release next year.  But you get the idea... 

Of our longer-term actions, Lokesan adds: “We are building the foundations for a smarter monitoring, opening up Geneos data so you have the freedom to do more with it, and introducing big data storage to reduce the pain of managing large amount of historical data. We are also focused on improving user experience and visualisation, and have delivered integrations to monitor much of your software stack. These are all things you asked for, but there’s still more for us to do. “ 

So, when it lands in your inbox later next week, please complete the ITRS customer survey. It’ll be worth your time, we’re sure.  

We’ll get back to you later in the year to let you know what we heard from you and how we’ll turn that into actions. 

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