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Meet Geneos Product Team & Engineers

Face to face with ITRS engineering

On June 6th, the product and engineering teams at ITRS Group will open the office doors to all London based Geneos users. The face to face meetup will offer high-touch engagement between the people who use ITRS products every day, and the people who build and maintain them.

ITRS and our customers have communicated consistently in the last 12 months, about the need for monitoring in increasingly dynamic environments, via a refreshed UI.

Your feedback

Your feedback has been heard loud and clear, and in the ongoing event series customers are learning exactly what they need to take advantage of the enhancements reflecting their feedback.

As with any software, historic versions bring legacy issues. ITRS Geneos has made significant enhancements in its most recent versions 4.11 – catering to the storage and charting of historic metrics; slicker and easier User Experience; and the shift to open source and SaaS based technologies.

ITRS Group is inviting you and other customers around the London area to register for a free event on June 6th  space is limited, so reserve your spot today.This event will give you the opportunity to provide your input on a tool with more than 20 years’ experience creating operational resilience in banks across the world.

Are you always-on?

Pressure is higher than ever for the “always-on” enterprise to continue their efforts in keeping their IT Infrastructure performing at their highest level.  ITRS Group is moving all products, particularly Geneos further down the path of truly real-time monitoring for increasingly dynamic environments. For our existing customers those enhancements can be put into place today, bringing users and businesses peace of mind.

If you’re able to attend, please do register for the event on June 6th.