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business man looking at its mirror, its image on the mirror is superman

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most operationally resilient of them all?

In the cutthroat industry of financial services, only the fairest businesses of them all can reign supreme.

But it’s not easy to stay on top. Complex IT systems combined with aging technology and cyber attackers can mean businesses are all too often finding themselves at the tail-end of a systems failure wondering what went wrong. And for the “always-on” customer, no reaction time is quick enough.

As developed as modern science is, we’re still yet to see the invention of a magic mirror to help us predict the future. However with intelligent data and analytical capabilities, in tandem with the right user interface, firms can gain insights into potential issues facing their estates and avoid painful outages down the line.

At ITRS Group, we are helping businesses to become future-ready by providing a ‘magic mirror’ service to all cross-industry enterprise customers. We have achieved this by bringing together two of our most powerful products onto a single dashboard. While Geneos monitors all IT systems and provides key analytics in real-time, Capacity Planner is busy producing insights into IT infrastructure and how busy it is, analysing past and present data points to predict how the estate may react to certain stressors.

By combining the capabilities of both products on a single easy-to-use interface, ITRS Group has created an essential and user-friendly solution that allows businesses to see both what is going on now, and what may happen across the estate over the next few weeks. This means they can be more proactive and get on top of any issues much faster. And if the estate is healthy and running smoothly, they can have peace of mind to focus on the business areas where they can really add most value, like innovation and customer service. 

At the end of the day, when it comes to operational resilience, uncertainty is a choice, not a reality. By investing in a ‘magic mirror’, businesses can ensure operational resilience and gain a critical edge against their competitors.