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monitoring supply chain challenges

Neogrid: Transforming supply chain challenges into opportunities with Uptrends

​Are you looking to enhance product availability globally while reducing excess inventory? Neogrid has leveraged ITRS Uptrends to provide web-based applications that seamlessly align business inventories with customer demand.

Neogrid, a Brazil-based leader in automatic supply chain synchronization solutions, serves various industries, including retail, pharma, construction, agriculture, and more. Its core mission is to address resource shortages and surpluses, contributing to the $24.9 trillion global marketplace in 2022.

Neogrid leverages Uptrends Operator Groups to establish a robust monitoring system, offering real-time actionable insights on multiple web applications' performance and availability.

Breaking down information silos
Jeferson Marques, a global operations analyst at Neogrid, explained how Uptrends Operator Groups enhances its team organization according to roles and responsibilities.

"Operator Groups enable Neogrid to eliminate information silos and empower operators to proactively oversee complex supply chain operations, ensuring timely access to vital information and alerts for each web application," he said.

Neogrid's success story
Neogrid faced a critical situation when a fiber optic link disrupted communications from Brazil. Its previous monitoring provider lacked checkpoints in Brazil, leaving Neogrid in the dark about the status of goods throughout the supply chain.

With Uptrends and its 233 global checkpoints, Neogrid now identifies local and regional outages and performance issues swiftly, solidifying its choice of Uptrends over other monitoring solutions.

Today, Neogrid relies on Uptrends to optimize web performance and maintain seamless supply chain operations.

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Learn how Uptrends' synthetic monitoring solutions empower Neogrid to ensure 24/7 availability and functionality of its web applications. Dive into the case study below.


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