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LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor Relies on ITRS Uptrends

Uptrends keeps LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor and patients connected 

When LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor needed to keep pace with the number of customer demands for prescriptions and services, it turned to ITRS Uptrends to monitor its website applications, website performance, APIs, and external servers. 

LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor is one of the largest community pharmacies and healthcare providers in the UK with more than 1,300 locations. The company provides online access to medical advice and offers access to medical treatments and prescription medicine to the patients it serves. 

Although LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor has a large brick-and-mortar footprint in the UK, it offers a wide range of products and services to its patients through its website portal and mobile app.  

Ensuring online transactions run smoothly 

LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor processes a huge number of online transactions each day. It goes without saying that keeping pace with such a high volume of transactions and meeting customer demands for prescriptions and services requires a very high rate of uptime throughout the entire IT stack. 

The healthcare firm needed a tool that could monitor the pathway their patients took from browsing their site leading up to eventually making transactions for prescriptions and medical services. In particular, it needed: 

  • A monitoring platform to work alongside an existing monitoring system already in place. 
  • Ability to monitor the ingestion of large volumes of runtime data. 
  • End-to-end monitoring to track routers and hardware running 24/7. 
  • Have near-zero downtime operation with advanced alerting for maximum MTTR. 

To this end, LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor turned to Uptrends synthetic monitoring tools to monitor website applications, website performance, APIs, and external servers. However, the online pharmacy also needed to test core functions like logins and signup flows.  

More specifically, Uptrends Transaction Recorder was relied upon to build and edit scripts with the code-free editor. This offered the IT team a simple but effective way to record and monitor shopping carts, payment providers, and forms, and ensure that end users can actually access LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor reliably from multiple locations. 

Gauging the impact of Uptrends synthetic monitoring tools 

LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor had several monitoring choices to ensure its patients receive the healthcare products and services they need. But it was Uptrends that demonstrated time and time again its reliability and cost-effectiveness.  

Uptrends transaction monitoring and API monitoring tools deliver value with continuous automated testing to monitor changing circumstances, such as failing resources, network issues, availability of underlying databases, expired security credentials, and more. 

Uptrends also benefit LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor by providing options for setting up client certificates as part of its Multi-step API Monitoring tool. This can be highly useful for adherence to SLAs and compliance issues regarding the management of customer personal data.  

Learn more about how ITRS Uptrends can help companies monitor their large IT infrastructure environments by clicking below. 

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