Obcerv press release

ITRS Group launches Obcerv: next generation technology takes performance monitoring to the next level

New observability and analytics product from ITRS Group provides context to alerts from monitoring systems, allowing businesses to take control in the face of today’s complex IT environments

London: 1st June 2022 – ITRS Group, leading provider of real-time enterprise monitoring and analytics software to global financial institutions, today announces the launch of its newest product offering, Obcerv.

Amidst rapid digital transformation, modern IT operations have evolved from a traditional on-premises system to increasingly complex hybrid cloud environments. Traditional monitoring no longer addresses the complexities of the modern IT services stack and firms face a growing challenge to centralise data monitoring that can enhance performance, reveal patterns and trends in resource utilisation, and reduce outages.

The launch of Obcerv will introduce end-to-end visibility into infrastructure and applications, and through intelligent alert aggregation, it will identify the most likely source of a problem, enabling users to improve service delivery. Obcerv will act as both a data storage and analytics platform for critical monitoring, allowing users to gain full visibility and ultimately take back control of their systems. 

Obcerv simplifies and accelerates traditionally complex monitoring systems with benefits including but not limited to:

  • The intelligent correlation of data from multiple data feeds and streams to simplify analysis
  • Data compression minimises storage costs, without having to aggregate the data as many tools do, ensuring data fidelity is maintained
  • Root cause analysis is accelerated, offering alerts based on commonality, thereby providing context and meaning to alerts
  • Unique APIs facilitate full interoperability, Obcerv can store data from other ITRS Group products, but from monitoring tools from other vendors too

Guy Warren, CEO of ITRS Group, said: “Monitoring is often seen as the canary in the coal mine: it may be able to tell you that something is wrong, but too often the message lacks context and meaning. Obcerv will provide IT operators with an understanding around why certain things happen, allowing them to accurately decide the best course of action. 

In recent years, modern IT estates have become extremely complex, pushing many monitoring teams to the edge of their capability, leaving them struggling to deliver on uptime and reliability metrics. And with more than half of all firms experiencing at least a day of downtime each year, it is clear that monitoring solutions that are able to match the increasing complexities of the systems they are monitoring is required. Obcerv will not only help firms to gain full visibility across their estates but in doing so, it will enable them to regain control of them.”

For more information, visit www.itrsgroup.com/products/obcerv 


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