ITRS and GCI Consulting announce new partnership to provide world-class monitoring systems to Temenos users

ITRS and GCI Consulting announce new partnership to provide world-class monitoring systems to Temenos users

London, 12 October 2023ITRS, leading provider of real-time estate monitoring and analytics software to global financial institutions, has announced a new partnership with GCI Consulting, the worldwide Temenos implementation leaders, to provide monitoring systems to its users.

ITRS’ monitoring solutions are the silver bullet for banks seeking to ensure always-on operations. To keep up with the rapidly changing digital environment, and customer demand for digital-first services, traditional banks' IT estates have grown ever more complicated as they add new digital systems and capabilities to their legacy tech. This complexity means that monitoring their health and preventing downtime is particularly difficult. 

This when coupled with the rise of challenger banks, who by being tech first naturally have more nimble operating systems, has left the traditional players on the back foot when it comes to preventing and mitigating the risks of system failures.

By partnering, banks will be able to leverage GCI Consulting’s 20-year, extensive knowledge of the core Temenos banking system and ITRS’ leading monitoring software to ensure they get the best possible results from the software.

By utilizing ITRS technologies, banks can get information on all digital activities via a single dashboard, allowing them to proactively mitigate operational and financial risk, shorten issue detection and resolution time, and comply with operational resilience regulations. 

Rodney Taylor, Head of Partners & Channel Sales at ITRS commented: “Banks have been through a turbulent few years - rapid digitalization, rising competition, greater regulatory pressure regarding operational resilience and market volatility to name a few of the challenges – which has resulted in increased scrutiny of their operating systems. And in this operating environment, should systems fail, the impact can be catastrophic. However, by utilizing our technologies, this can be prevented.”

Guy Warren, CEO at ITRS, added: “By partnering with GCI Consulting, we are able to leverage their extensive 20-year expertise and knowledge of the Temenos system, which is powering immense growth in the digital banking space with incredibly fast go-lives and massive scaling. While such speed has the potential to be incredibly positive, a robust monitoring solution is required to continuously assess its health. Our solutions ensure round-the-clock availability of all customer-facing digital activities, so banks can focus internal resources on powering new growth opportunities, driving efficiencies at scale, and delivering the ultimate customer experience.”

Chris Walne, CEO at GCI Consulting, added: “As the go-to partner for Temenos systems implementations and upgrades, it was essential for us to partner with a firm that would allow us to enhance our offering, and offer our customers the best possible monitoring systems. After undertaking a thorough review of the solutions available in the market today, it was clear that ITRS was leading in this field; they were the clear partner of choice for us. Added to that, their commitment to delivering the best possible outcomes for their customers is of paramount importance, which is a value we share. Together we will be able to power banks successes of tomorrow, today.” 

Jacob Christiansen, Chief Commercial Officer at GCI Consulting concludes: “Don’t wait for your customers to tell you that your digital services are not operational or not performant - take control of your system's performance. By partnering with ITRS we enable Temenos core and digital banking system users to know exactly the moment when system performance starts to dip, allowing you to swiftly implement corrective measures, and thus avoiding potential negative reputational impact. But that's not all. The robust monitoring solution, coupled with advanced automation capabilities, doesn't just ensure top-notch performance – it also supercharges your operational efficiency and slashes costs for financial institutions.” 

About ITRS 
ITRS drives unified, intelligent monitoring to create a competitive advantage from IT performance. The ITRS monitoring platform gives customers actionable intelligence from their IT. It enables users to identify, rectify, and actively prevent IT failures from happening - now and in the future – and drive better business performance from the outcomes.  

By monitoring on-premises, cloud, or hybrid IT estates, ITRS users can improve operational resilience for compliance and business continuity purposes. Other benefits include cost efficiencies, increased flexibility of their IT environments, and improved customer experience. With deep monitoring capabilities for legacy technologies, dynamic cloud environments, and service-based architectures, ITRS serves more than 4,500 clients worldwide.  

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About GCI Consulting
GCI Consulting is a specialist Temenos Software Sales, Implementation, Upgrade, Data Migration, fully Automated Testing and Managed Hosting Services company. As a Certified Temenos Partner in 120 countries worldwide, we are a one-stop shop for Temenos consultancy, system integrations & development services. Collaborating with our customers we enhance their digital capabilities & drive innovations to create new products & business models.

With GCI Consulting’s 20 years of experience working with Temenos, Temenos partners, and Temenos clients, we are keen to collaborate, add value, and share our experience with the Temenos community, to ensure success for the Temenos family network around the world.