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ITRS Log Analytics

The ITRS Log Analytics solution allows you to improve logging visibility, correlation, reporting and alerting. With seamless ITRS Geneos and ITRS OP5 Monitor integration, it can scale to adapt to infrastructures of any size.

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Monitor & alert

ITRS Log Analytics observe in real time and alert on anomalies, spikes, or other patterns of interest.

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Analyse & report

ITRS Log Analytics gives you a fully transparent overview of your logs, their analysis and reporting – at any scale.

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Seamless integration

ITRS Log Analytics offer seamless integration with third party tools as well as native support of ITRS OP5 Monitor and Geneos.


Transparent overview of logs, their analysis and reporting

ITRS Log Analytics gives you a fully transparent overview of your logs, their analysis and reporting – at any scale. It provides an immediate response to the needs of efficient processing and analysis of data. The flexible architecture based on Elasticsearch ensures seamless scaling, load balancing, high availability and geographical redundancy.

Unlock the hidden power of your data and shift to proactive monitoring

The ITRS Log Analytics Intelligence add-on is built upon the best ML libraries that can identify trends and predict the behaviour of the systems in your infrastructure. Our Neural Networks help detect real time anomalies such as non-standard network traffic that might suggest hacking attempts.



ITRS Log Analytics is a scalable solution for businesses with all sizes of IT environments. With flexible architecture, out-of-box horizontal scaling, load balancing, high availability and geographical redundancy, ITRS Log Analytics can handle large amounts of data.

Cost effective

The licensing model for ITRS Log Analytics is based on the number of data nodes, as opposed to data volumes. It is the market’s most cost effective solution for log management, even with very large and growing amounts of data.



Keep an eye on whoever logs into the application, runs queries, exports the data or changes user permissions. ITRS Log Analytics collect data on any IT logs, network traffic based on Netflow and provide full transparency over system and user behaviour.


We provide product support for ITRS Log Analytics that goes well beyond what you come to expect - delivered by trained engineers with extensive industry experience, who are here to support you across diverse environments.

Why integrate ITRS OP5 Monitor with ITRS Log Analytics?

By integrating ITRS OP5 Monitor with ITRS Log Analytics, it is possible to create a whole dashboard dedicated to any data gathered from the system. Read the one-pager to learn more about the integration of these products.

See ITRS in action

We understand that navigating IT environments can be complex, and every organization faces unique challenges. That's why we offer customized demos tailored to your specific needs. Book your demo today to experience the power of intelligent, hybrid IT monitoring.