Delivering better ITRS product resources

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Delivering better ITRS product resources

Providing you with information about how to use our products, and being able to consume it in a way that works for you, is a key business objective for ITRS.

We’re listening to your feedback, and we know we can do better to make our product knowledge work for you. It sounds simple, but there’s a lot to it. We’ve hired the talent to rearchitect, redevelop and republish our content, and to ensure that we support you with world-class product knowledge in the future. We’ve invested in the software tools to enable those things to happen from a mechanical point of view. And we’re redesigning our Resources website delivery platform – the interface between you and our online product knowledge – to get you to the information you need, fast.

Each of these components is coming together to help deliver a much-improved user experience to you. Here’s how:

Our new writers have been tasked to systematically treat all our product knowledge to vigorous editorial review, redevelopment and rearchitecting. In plain English, we’re going to rewrite it, update it, and create pathways through it with you, our end user, in mind. So, over the course of this year, expect to see obvious improvements in structure, consistency and design. In addition, we’ve started delivering User Guides to complement our Technical Reference material, so expect more of these to follow this year. The team is also embarking on a key company initiative to build new training programmes, although these will follow in the longer term.

The tooling we’ve invested in enables the team to consistently and reliably deliver product knowledge across the file types and platforms that you use – whether that’s as a web-served HTML5 file or a PDF, or whether you’re using a desktop PC or a mobile device. It also supports complex projects and multiple deliverables, meaning that we can bring together all our product knowledge, store it in one place, automate our publishing cycle and deliver up-to-date product help to you rapidly.

Finally, the new Resources site includes many far-reaching developments, but all are bound by a common driver: to improve your user experience. Among the improvements is a custom search engine that will make it easier for you to rapidly get to the knowledge you want – combine this with the restructuring that our team is doing this year, and the difference should be dramatic. We’ve also added a feedback loop at the bottom of each help topic, meaning that you can communicate directly with the team if you want more information to be added to a topic, have found what appears to be an error, or if you want to send us a friendly ‘Good Job!’ message.

We’re grateful that we’ve got an engaged customer base that is generous with its time and feedback. Your input enables us to work harder to improve your experience inside the software and outside of it. So, please keep the feedback coming – let us know what we’re doing right and what you want to see more of from us. Our twice-yearly NPS survey is a great place to do that, so if it lands in your inbox, please complete it and send it back.

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