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Enhanced Calypso monitoring with Geneos

The client

A tier 1 investment bank, whose capital markets business offers clients a range of services across equities, foreign exchange (FX) and credit and rates.

The challenge

Said bank provides a cross-asset clearing service, which is underpinned by Calypso, a front-to-back office platform built on Java. Their Calypso environment consists of several components that are maintained by different support teams (infrastructure, application, middleware etc.), all with different monitoring tools.

As a result, there was no end-to-end visibility, making problem diagnosis slow and costly. Moreover, this lack of visibility meant that they were reduced to “firefighting” in the event of system failures and could not provide accurate information regarding the status of business processes to functional heads.

The results

ITRS Geneos, an application performance monitoring tool built specificially for financial services businesses, was implemented. Geneos integrates with all aspects of the Calypso application, allowing support staff to monitor vital metrics like event consumption and resource utilisation, as well as log files, file transfers and more. Metrics are extracted in real time and alerts raised if there are deviations from expected values, prompting automated tasks and/or further investigation.

This solution resolved the client’s key issue around visibility. Support can access key information regarding the status and performance of their Calypso environment through Active Console, which combines high-level views of the current status of monitored components with the ability to quickly drill down to more detailed data. Management can also access a clear, summary view of the same base data via a web-based dashboard. Additionally, Geneos’ early warning system has helped to reduce application downtime, substantially minimising costs to other downstream activities.

The customer is now in a position to implement Geneos for all their Calypso environments, using it as the main and only monitoring solution, which will provide greater clarity and understanding across their IT operations.

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