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Join us at The Asia Global Gaming Expo 2022!

The ITRS team in Singapore is thrilled to be participating in G2E, The Asia Global Gaming Expo 2022, this week - so be sure to come say hello at booth B1120. 

G2E is expected to pull in some high rollers, as the gambling and online gaming markets continue to grow exponentially. The global market for gaming and gambling (online or at casinos) exploded during the pandemic, and that growth is set to continue. The gaming market is expected to top $300 billion by 2027, while online gambling is predicted to surpass $565 billion by 2025 with casinos reaching $153 billion by 2026.

At the expo, exhibitors and speakers will be discussing how companies are – and should be – innovating and transforming themselves using technology, and how they can leverage it going forward.

Operational resilience in gaming and gambling

Keeping that kind of vibrant growth alive takes a laser-like focus on pleasing customers. They expect reliability, complete availability and performance. They want to be able to game and gamble when they want, or to place a bet when the match (or race) starts.

Games and sports are happening 24/7, so downtime, or unavailability of your platforms due to maintenance, is unacceptable from the customer’s viewpoint. This is where operational resiliency comes into play.

At G2E, our Head of Sales, Rohan Vartak, will speak about operational resilience in "Optimizing the Gaming Experience," a presentation taking place on 26th August at 14:00-14:20.

Rohan is also participating as panellist in "Roundtable: Optimizing the Integrated Resort,” also on 26 August at 15:25-16:00.

Come see us at G2E Asia 2022 Special Edition: Singapore Conference! You can register here:

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