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ITRS OP5 Monitor Update

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2021. It is clear that the new ‘normal’ is going to remain for a while longer than we would have hoped.

We continue to put a lot of our effort into the new UI and improvements in the supporting backend. The progress we have achieved with this has been so great that we are planning for a first release before the summer holidays. The new UI and the existing UI will live side by side for a while but the improved support for metrics and other new functionality that will come will be exclusive to the new UI.

Another central theme for ITRS OP5 Monitor is Security Hardening, something that I have spoken about in previous newsletters. This work continues and it remains an integral part in our release process as well. In the area of Hybrid IT, and especially around dynamic environments, I have previously mentioned the desire to focus on making ITRS OP5 Monitor capable of running natively in dynamic environments; Slim Poller, a small footprint container with poller functionality, is a good example of that. We are now expanding the capabilities of the ITRS OP5 Monitor and Slim Poller with native support for Kubernetes auto-scaling, making it run even better in the dynamic environments.

Furthermore, with the last release of ITRS OP5 Monitor we have improved on auto-discovery. Not only does this save precious time for our customers, but it also increases the quality of the configuration. With the release of Auto-Discovery 1.5 we have consolidated existing auto-discovery functionality into our micro service, Magellan. Additionally, we have added support for scheduling, notifications on found unmonitored hosts, exclusion lists, and it is now possible to directly apply host templates and host groups to discovered unmonitored hosts before import. This is an area that we will continue to expand.

Our user event planned for 17th March, is intended for those of you who work with ITRS OP5 Monitor. This session will be used to demo the Slim Poller, Auto-Discovery and Monitoring of resources in Amazon (AWS). If you have not already signed up for the event, you are welcome to do it here.

End of life announcements:

·        The EoL of ITRS OP5 Monitor version 7.5.x will be the 13th of October 2021. The end of availability will be in May 2021

The latest main version of ITRS OP5 Monitor is currently 8.2.6. Therefore, it is time to plan for an upgrade project if you haven't already. If you need assistance, our Professional Services team will be happy to assist you with this.

 ·        The EoL of RHEL/CentOS version 8: Red Hat will prematurely EoL RHEL/CentOS 8 on 31st of December 2021

Red Hat (IBM) have finally decided to monetize CentOS and their announcement of RHEL becoming the stable version and CentOS stream being on the development edge has been discussed. We are planning to release support for CentOS 8 and we will continue to support CentOS 7 (Red Hat EoL 31st December 2024) for the time being.  We are also looking at other possible candidates for the future, however it's still early days and there will be more information on this later.

With that, we say goodbye for now. Stay safe.