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Using Geneos to monitor TREP 3

Thomson Reuters - TREP integration for ITRS Geneos

As upgrading to TREP 3 is becoming a requirement in many of our customers, ITRS Group has been improving our out-of-the-box solution which can be up and running in a matter of hours to integrate with TREP.

In 2011 Thomson Reuters joined a partnership with ITRS Group offering Geneos as the preferred solution for monitoring your new TREP estate. Since then the two businesses have worked together to produce seamless integrations across a number of our joint clients.

Combining the detail of Geneos with the expertise of Thomson Reuters we have been able to create a comprehensive plug-and-play solution for TREP. The work on the two solutions together is not a static project, and has encompassed much work in the last 6 years at ITRS, and will continue to do so as both TREP and Geneos evolve.

It is all joined up in a Geneos prebuilt include that allows you to either implement it easily in an existing infrastructure or create your own from fresh. You can use this set as a complete monitoring solution or customise it to your needs by adding additional data.

As TREP 2.x is now nearing end of life and clients are being migrated to TREP 3.x, we are happy to make this available to make monitoring easier to implement with Geneos.

If you are a Geneos customer through Thomson Reuters, you can access this through your TAM or the Thomson Reuters Customer Zone. For direct ITRS customers, contact your local client services team for more details.



Our solution set now covers:

  • EED
  • EZD
  • ADH
  • ADS
  • RRCP
  • DACS
  • ODPS
  • ATS
  • TSP
  • FXT
  • DTS

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