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API Monitoring

What is an API used for?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a piece of software that acts as an intermediary allowing two applications to communicate to each other. For example, every action we take on a mobile phone, like sending a message or looking for a flight using a comparison website, uses an API to access and deliver that information.

What is API monitoring?

How do you check if an API is working? The answer is to use an API monitoring solution. API monitor software is essentially a program running on a remote server that sends API requests and records the API response, measuring its quickness, response codes and other attributes.

If these recorded measurements exceed defined thresholds for acceptability (such as a request taking over 300ms), the API monitor generates an alert, notifying you that the API is not performing as desired. API performance monitoring is an important safeguard for essential applications, websites and web services. 

How do I monitor API health?

Your API health can be monitored through tools such as ITRS Uptrends Synthetic Monitoring, which are designed to give you full visibility into the performance of your applications and the way they connect to each other. API monitoring gives your IT teams peace of mind, as most organisations depend on APIs to ensure business-critical applications are always up and running. 

Our synthetic monitoring product includes web API monitoring, real-time API monitoring, and cloud API monitoring, meaning that wherever your API lives, ITRS can measure it, track it and alert you when issues occur.

ITRS Uptrends is also multi-step capable, meaning it can make complex series of requests to your API, including using returned data inside subsequent requests, allowing you to expand your testing to cover more real-world use cases. It can also test authentication, redirects and CRUD operations. The upshot is comprehensive coverage, giving you real confidence in the health of your API services.

Keep your APIs up and running

Icon Monitoring Monitoring

Multi-Step monitoring

Test your APIs from top to bottom by setting up multiple HTTP requests. Retrieve data from each request and use it to perform tasks in other steps.

Icon Monitoring App performance monitoring

Monitor for performance

Check the performance of every request, and set assertions for maximum response times. Spot trends in your performance dashboards.

Icon Systems API

Verify API functionality

Test redirects, authentication, perform CRUD, or any other API interaction. Monitor for result codes, and check if your API returns expected content.

Icon Alert Warning

Get alerts immediately

With tests as frequent as every minute, you will know the moment your API is in trouble with alerts and escalations.

Continuously test your API responses

Are you using programs like Postman, Fiddler or SoapUI to test your API? We love those tools, too, but manual testing will only get you so far. You need continuous automated testing to monitor changing circumstances, such as:

  • Failing resources
  • Network issues
  • Availability of the underlying database
  • Expired security credentials

Manage your whole IT estate with ITRS:

  • Digital Experience Monitoring - Combine real user and synthetic user monitoring for complete coverage of your website, API, and application performance indicators. Rapidly address service interruptions and deliver high-quality digital experiences.
  • Enterprise Network Monitoring - Benefit from comprehensive monitoring coverage across your IT estate: in the cloud, on-prem, or in a hybrid environment. This monitoring suite scales with your network and can be customized for your exact requirements.
  • DNS Monitoring - Track your DNS performance for availability and errors. Verify email servers, web servers, and APIs are functioning correctly. Get the right resources to the right customers.

See ITRS in action

We understand that navigating IT environments can be complex, and every organization faces unique challenges. That's why we offer customized demos tailored to your specific needs. Book your demo today to experience the power of intelligent, hybrid IT monitoring.