IT Operations

Identify, diagnose and resolve issues before they impact your business by monitoring your enterprise IT infrastructure and applications in real time.

Monitoring for your always-on enterprise

The IT operations of large enterprises are increasingly complex and interconnected. From legacy systems to cloud, containers and microservice architectures, monitoring these environments requires a broad end-to-end solution with seamless integrations.

Icon Monitoring Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and investigation

Your enterprise cannot afford a delay before triggering an alert. Geneos enables you to take action in real-time, in the most time critical, secure and regulated environments, where every second of an outage can have a cost.

Icon Systems Hybrid environments

Full visibility across your application stack

Our end-to-end monitoring toolset gives you a comprehensive, real-time view of your IT estate, providing seamless integrations with cloud, containers and microservice architectures alongside an extensible development framework.

Icon Alert Fix error

Command and control

You can resolve infrastructure, application, and transactional issues before they impact the bottom line, through interactive commands and automated corrective actions. Our solution set puts you in control of your alerts and enables you to implement real-time fixes.