Integrated solutions for Operational Resilience in the always-on enterprise

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Integrated solutions for Operational Resilience in the always-on enterprise

What we're hearing today

Today, many of our customers are laser focused on supporting their firms during the Brexit process. Whatever way the scenario plays out, it creates uncertainty on the requirements of systems to allow seamless business and customer experience through potentially very high transactional volumes in the capital markets. Not only that, but the challenge to keep them running regardless of an outcome comes into sharp focus.

With last year’s Discussion Paper from the Bank of England becoming a Consultation Paper, it won’t be long until the arrival of Operational Resilience legislation is here.

What's coming tomorrow

The regulator, and your firm’s customers, want to understand what your systems can withstand, and how they will recover when issues do occur. More than that, you need to show that you’re continuing to look through the lens of the customer.

Through ITRS Group’s strategy of build, partner, acquire, we are working hard to develop a set of tools and integrations with third parties which allow you to securely and succinctly monitor all elements of your IT landscape in a single pane of glass. We call this the Production Tools Landscape.

How we're preparing

The production tools landscape provides the always-on enterprise with the ability to have visibility on every aspect of a complex production environment, and to automate the management of their systems, and proactively mitigate issues before they occur.

Our recent addition of market leading ITRS Synthetic Monitoring in conjunction with our partner Apica means monitoring reaches all the way from the front-end where customer’s touch your website, mobile app or IoT device to the supporting IT estate beneath. This allows your business access to monitoring best practices, through a combination of real-time and synthetic monitoring, preventing costly outages, poor customer experience and reputational damage.  In order to support this, we have significantly extended our monitoring of the highly dynamic cloud platforms from AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, as well as the provisioning platforms from Kubernetes and OpenShift.

We also understand that supporting your customers, means supporting you in executing your job as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. The introduction of our new Gateway Hub component begins to underpin exactly that. Gateway Hub enhances Geneos, and adds functionality for storing and analysing historic metrics, tying the ITRS solution set and the Production Tools Landscape together.

As operational resilience regulation develops, and customers demand a seamless experience from the always-on enterprise, we are here to support that ongoing transition with you through better, smarter, more automated monitoring.

To learn more about The Production Tools Landscape, ITRS Capacity Planner, ITRS Synthetic Monitoring or Gateway Hub, request a demo on our website or reach out directly, today. 

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