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Monitoring at Carus - Efficiency & transparency for superior customer service

Carus is the world leader in IT solutions for Ferry and Cruise with a global client base spanning across 18 countries and 4 continents. For over a decade, Carus has been supporting businesses with all aspects of booking, ticketing, port processing and onboard services, alongside a full back-office suite covering the marketing, accounting and administration functions.


Sudden spikes of volume in activity in the Ferry and Cruise industry are common and can result in system outages which will have a detrimental impact on a client’s business. Carus needed a monitoring solution that could not only identify but predict the behaviour of their systems to help avoid unpredictable scenarios and unnecessary downtime.


Carus had been using ITRS OP5 Monitor successfully for a number of years and decided they wanted more visibility on internal logs to enable them to proactively monitor their systems and pre-empt systems failures. 

ITRS Log Analytics provides an overview of logs, analysis and reports, facilitating an immediate response to the need for efficient processing and analysing large amounts of data. Carus gather logs from a variety of operating systems and applications, transferring this data to Log Analytics through Filebeats and Metricbeats.

Log Analytics provides Carus with a level of transparency over their system and user behaviour that can be understood by employees at all levels. As a result, Carus’ support team are able to respond more quickly and effectively to customer inquiries. Additionally, with automation, Carus can make sure all new systems and future configurations follow pre-existing patterns to ensure change control is quick and efficient.

Rasmus Westerback, Managed Services Team Leader at Carus, said: “With customers depending on us for a wide number of services, we need to be able to solve any issues that do arise as quickly as possible, but more importantly we need to be able to predict when they are going to happen so we can put solutions in place before they even occur. Keeping our clients happy and their IT systems healthy is a priority for us and we’re pleased to have found a solution with ITRS that helps us achieve this goal.”

Lars Esshagen, Regional Leader Nordics of ITRS Group at ITRS Group, said: “We’re excited to expand the work we do with Carus. We believe that Log Analytics will help improve their service even further and help their business to thrive. Highly proactive monitoring allows Carus to see what it’s systems are doing in real-time and now Log analytics will help them to identify and solve issues before they have even happened! ”

Download the customer case study (pdf) here.