News on ITRS OP5 Monitor

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News on ITRS OP5 Monitor

Welcome to this decade's first newsletter from ITRS Group on OP5 Monitor. What a better way to start than to share with you what we have been up to lately and what we have in store for the future. Most of you reading this have been customers ofours for a long time. Throughout these years the IT landscape has gone through a number of different phases, most recently it has been the transition to private and public cloud environments. Although we do believe these technologies are here to stay, we do not think they will replace all traditional areas of the IT estate. Instead, these technologies will live side by side for many years to come and we call this coexistence: Hybrid IT.

Monitoring is required regardless of where your services are hosted and we will aim to provide a unified experience for you, with all information in one monitoring solution. OP5 Monitor has a long and proven track record with traditional IT infrastructure and we have therefore spent a good part of the autumn of 2019 increasing the support for the cloud part of Hybrid IT.

We have introduced support for the monitoring of Docker, Kubernetes clusters and resources in Amazon Web Services, all presented in a single solution: OP5 Monitor. We have also just released a containerised, small footprint version of the OP5 Monitor Poller, which we call the Slim Poller. This is because we believe it can be beneficial to have parts of OP5 Monitor running natively in orchestrated cloud environments like Kubernetes.

But rest assured, this is only the beginning. Currently we are giving the OP5 Monitor user interface a complete overhaul, facilitating the introduction of Hybrid IT as well as providing it with a face lift and increased user experience. To support the UI we are also working with a new high performance API from an API first approach.

Since OP5 became part of ITRS Group at the end of 2018 we have harmonised the documentation and support resources. Hence all documentation received a well-deserved overhaul and has been moved to the ITRS Group Documentation area of the web page. This is also where you will findmore information on all new releases from OP5 Monitor.

We devote the last section of this newsletter to a goodbye to an old companion of OP5 Monitor, RHEL/CentOS version 6. Redhat will discontinue RHEL/CentOS 6 on the 30th of November this year and as a result we are doing the same. If you have any version of OP5 Monitor running on CentOS 6 we encourage you to plan for an update to version 7 well before this due date. More information can be found on the Documentation and Support areas of the ITRS Group webpage.

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