Provide your business with the availability it expects, when it’s required and within budget

Get complete visibility into your physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure to deliver business value. Insights Capacity Planner allows companies to proactively optimize resource allocation and plan for the future.

Align your infrastructure with service demand and business priorities

Map your IT Infrastructure using interactive visual representationsDrill down into individual componentsIdentify constraining factors as your infrastructure develops
  1. Map your IT Infrastructure using interactive visual representations
  2. Drill down into individual components
  3. Identify constraining factors as your infrastructure develops

Capacity planning ensures IT teams can provision resources in a cost-effective way. ITRS Capacity Planner goes one step further and allows organisations to make IT decisions in response to current or future business priorities. Capacity Planner takes advantage of powerful statistical and machine learning algorithms to deliver proactive infrastructure planning.

Insight into your IT capacity


Get insights about your infrastructure allocation, usage and cost on infrastructure platform, supplier, location, line of business or business service basis.


Take actions and improve your IT infrastructure performance based on visual data from your resources.


Detect increasing trends in resource consumption and alert users when usage is predicted to reach certain levels in the future.


Manage and model the constant changes of your infrastructure before they can have an impact on your business.

Optimise Costs, Increase Efficiency
- Reallocate hardware instead of buying more
- Harmonise over-provisioned and under-provisioned resources
- Eliminate storage inefficiencies
- Translate business volumes into compute and storage requirements
Reduce Risk
- Flexible service reporting to view capacity risk from a hardware, line of business or application perspective
- Predict short-term or long-term performance issues or outages 
- Ensure IT infrastructure supports failover and 100% availability
Plan for Change
- Rightsize for cloud or P2V migrations
- Efficiently re-platform IT resources
- What-If scenarios to forecast IT infrastructure based on service demand
Ease of Use
- Simple data integration with existing monitoring tools
- Software as a Service (cloud or on-premise) 
- Rapid time to value, with minimal effort

- Minimises the need for skills in-house


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