Investment Banks, Brokerage & Asset managers


Investment Banks, Brokerage & Asset managers

Geneos is used by more than 180 leading financial institutions around the world for application monitoring and management - this includes nine of the top ten investments banks.

Banks, brokers, exchanges, hedge funds, asset managers, data vendors, and energy traders use Geneos to monitor their business critical systems, whether it's a regional implementation across 10 servers or a global multi-site implementation across thousands of servers.

Geneos has delivered exemplary results to clients

Support issues

On average, Geneos helps reduce level one severity support issues by 70 per cent

Time of outages

Using Geneos has reduced the resolution time of outages by 60 per cent at a global investment bank

Number of out-of-hour call outs

Geneos has reduced the number of out-of-hour call-outs by 50 percent at a global investment bank

Fault management

Geneos has reduced the costs of fault management by $1.7 million per year at a global financial institution

A global bank gains real-time insight across their equities platform

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