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Healthy core = happy retail bank customers

For retail banks, keeping their core banking systems healthy is essential to preventing the IT failures that can impact customers. Core banking systems enable everything from transactions, account balances, loans, and payments to mortgages.

Because they can impact so many customer touchpoints, IT issues have a direct effect on customer satisfaction. If there is a problem, anything from payments online to cash withdrawals at ATMs can fail.

For decades these systems have been deeply ingrained in financial institutions and are woven throughout most of a bank’s critical business processes, occurring both on-premises and in the cloud.

Monitoring core banking solutions

How do you ensure your core banking systems are healthy? By monitoring everything from end-to-end, on-premises to the cloud. This enables banks to:

Maintain systems health:

Problem: If anything goes wrong in their core banking IT stack, customers suffer the consequences. It can cost the bank money and damage its reputation in a competitive marketplace.

Solution: A contextually designed monitoring dashboard provides them an end-to-end view of the flow of core application components, with real-time details on their health and performance.

Prevent client impact:

Problem: Customers have little patience when it comes to their bank accounts and may defect from their bank if there is a problem with access. Internal users also suffer, which affects the processing of client trades or even general systems access.

Solution: A client impact dashboard provides a snapshot of what is happening in the context of a bank’s unique internal or external client needs.

Keep close of business (COB) smooth:

Problem: COB is one of the most essential functions in banking, but it is often largely manual, time-consuming and prone to human error.

Solution: By monitoring all input and viewing via a contextual dashboard, the bank has a snapshot of all stages in the process.

A core banking systems monitoring solution is essential for keeping the core healthy, and your customers happy.

Learn more by downloading our eBook: The Core Banking Systems guide to monitoring.

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