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What do financial services and online gambling have in common?

Quite a lot as it happens... The financial services and gambling industries may seem vastly different on the surface, but they share many similarities when it comes to IT infrastructure monitoring.

Customer experience for financial transactions and online gaming are indeed different, but whether it is a money transfer or a bet on the horses, customers all expect fast, uninterrupted service.

Similarities between financial services and gaming industries

• Both industries deal with large amounts of sensitive data that require high levels of security and compliance.

• Both industries require real-time data monitoring to ensure uninterrupted service to their customers.

• Both industries utilize message queues to handle high volumes of transactions and requests.

• Both industries require high availability and resiliency to prevent service disruptions and downtime.

Uptime and latency are key to both In fast-moving financial markets trading - latency can be the kiss of death. A slow market data feed means you are behind the market and can lose money trading. Slow backend systems mean your customers are not seeing their orders filled, causing them frustration and possibly money.

In online gaming, latency can also cause trouble. Imagine you want to bet on a sporting event and there is limited time before it begins. If the casino systems are slow, you would lose your chance to place your bet (and probably use another provider next time).

Downtime is anathema to both industries – customers are demanding and unlikely to tolerate downtime.

What is the solution?

Because financial institutions and gaming platforms rely on a complex infrastructure of servers, networks, and applications, they must have real-time monitoring to ensure high availability and low latency. Data must be collected and analyzed to identify any potential problems. And an infrastructure monitoring tool must be able to detect and respond to security incidents*.

A unified, intelligent monitoring platform can aggregate data from multiple sources and provide a single-pane-of-glass view of your entire infrastructure. It can detect and prevent incidents before they impact your customers. It can help your organization automate, streamline processes and reduce manual intervention.

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