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Monitoring hedge fund trade workflow

To effectively trade and manage risk, hedge funds require “to the second” visibility of their trade flow. Knowing what is working – and what isn’t – at any given moment during the trade workflow can only happen with exceptional monitoring.

It makes the difference between your hedge fund snapping up alpha or losing the opportunity. Below is a typical hedge fund workflow monitoring dashboard, showing the live status of a firm’s trading flow. It gives visibility into the performance of the apps in the trade stack and how they relate to each other, as well as indication of any issues.

This dashboard example shows monitoring instrumentation of the applications and dependencies within an actual trade environment.

trade flow dashboard

Trade workflow

In general, objects on the left of the diagram inform decisions in the middle, and then trades are routed for execution and clearing on the right. Typically, data flows from left to right. The exception is that every trade has an acknowledgement (ack). This ack will flow from the execution all the way back to the source on the left, indicating the trade was handled, and booked. In the process of trading, large volumes of data are collected, processed, and analyzed for problems underneath.

In the diagram, health status is represented with red, amber, and green determinations. Being able to see the status of all the components in real time is the high-quality monitoring these live trading environments demand. Monitoring multitudes of systems and apps using disparate vendors takes time and adds cost.

Only by using a single-pane-of-glass view of all its data feeds, trading systems, networks, applications, and third-party services can a hedge fund be sure it has the visibility it needs to produce alpha. Hedge funds need:

• A real-time, end-to-end view of the entire trading infrastructure

• To improve operational performance

• To proactively address any infrastructure weaknesses and reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).

Hedge funds need ITRS

Geneos, a single, integrated platform that uniquely provides real-time, end-to-end views of trading infrastructure including applications, transaction flows and connections to external services.

How ITRS Geneos can help

ITRS Geneos helps users achieve operational excellence by automating essential operational processes, anticipating potential bottlenecks and service shortfalls. The system identifies underperforming trading assets and performance inconsistencies across the trade lifecycle.

This proactive approach can help address infrastructure weaknesses before they affect business, as well as helping to prioritise investment in trading infrastructure. ITRS Geneos is the only commercial platform with financial-services-specific integrations, such as market data and FIX protocol monitoring, offered as out-of-the-box capabilities.

ITRS Geneos custom dashboards are unique in the ability to string together an investment lifecycle ecosystem. Other tools can only dashboard one application at a time – they cannot display flows and dependencies. Read more about ITRS Geneos - and how your hedge fund can benefit - by downloading this ebook.

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