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Visolit unifies hybrid IT monitoring with ITRS Opsview

When international IT company Visolit was looking to centralize its hybrid IT monitoring activities in one location with just one tool, ITRS Opsview was the obvious choice.

Visolit, a Norway-based outsourcing and consultancy services company, had a “noise” problem. Its legacy monitoring platforms were flooding it with alarms, and it was suffering from persistent database instability.

Thomas Wollen, Visolit's networks operations centre manager, said: “The old monitoring tools couldn’t hope to scale with the rapid growth Visolit is experiencing.”

Before ITRS Opsview, Visolit used two well known, legacy monitoring platforms. But unfortunately, both tools flooded the company with alarms, and it suffered from persistent database instability. With datacentres in multiple locations, different teams used different monitoring tools which lead to inconsistent service levels. So, the decision was made centralize monitoring from all its locations using one tool.

It had a long list of requirements for a replacement including:

• A single, unified managed service providers (MSP) monitoring platform. • Orchestrator/collector functionality - to centralize the monitoring of offshore customer sites.

• Multi-tenancy - to allow users to create their own hosts and choose how they want to monitor them.

• Cloud-scale – to comfortably handle 20,000+ hosts and scale further as required.

• Up to 24/7 support – with expert support in its time zone. ITRS Opsview met all the requirements

After downloading Opsview, Visolit quickly realised it met all its technical requirements. And the firm was very impressed by the helpful and persistent sales contact from ITRS Opsview, who really understood its scaling challenges, both technical and commercial.

Wollen said: “[They] went the extra mile to accommodate us. It’s really easy to do business with Opsview.” Wollen knew that moving the firm’s data from the closed nature of its existing monitoring systems was a big challenge – due to the number of objects to manually migrate, organise and fine tune. But Opsview’s team helped it build a much more robust monitoring system, “with more enterprise features and much greater potential for extensibility than before.”

Achieved business goals

Visolit has over 20,000 hosts monitored in Opsview now and - at the time of writing – had just six unattended alerts.

“Compared to before that’s amazing. Confidence was so low using the old monitoring tools that the team didn’t know how to prioritize their response to alerts. Sometimes alerts would stay red for six to seven hours,” said Wollen.

Today, with ITRS Opsview, Visolit is able to deal with alerts when they happen and sometimes even before. The team has much greater confidence in its network observability with Opsview and is doing a much better job at setting the service level expectations of customers.

Wollen said: “The impact of Opsview has been extraordinary. With the old tools we had so little confidence in the KPIs they produced that we just ignored them. That’s certainly not the case anymore. We have all the insight we need to present our performance metrics with confidence to management.”

You can read the entire case study by clicking below.

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