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Opsview solves a taxing issue for Irish Tax and Revenue

When Ireland’s tax and revenue authority was deploying a new online customs and excise service it was looking for a way to ensure the 24/7 availability of its computer systems. It chose Opsview to provide reliable monitoring for this critical service.

The Irish Tax and Revenue Service assesses and collects taxes and duties. It has around 110 offices across the Republic of Ireland with over 5,700 staff. The Revenue was looking to effectively monitor a complex IT estate with a one-stop solution that was fully customizable for new online customs and excise service. It also needed to:

• Be able to monitor the ingestion of large volumes of runtime data

• Provide end-to-end monitoring to track routers and hardware running 24/7

• Have near-zero downtime operation with advanced alerting for maximum MTTR.

Opsview fits the bill nicely for monitoring customized software

A heavy emphasis was placed on monitoring the Revenue's custom-developed application software. This ran on a combination of Sun hardware, Oracle WebLogic enterprise Java platform, and an Ingres relational database.

Analysis software was developed to process the large volumes of runtime data generated by the system – allowing problems to be identified before they affect system users. Installation took place five months; it was also installed in their disaster recovery site in parallel to the live system.

Cost savings realized

An estimated savings of €350,000 was made in software licensing costs by choosing Opsview over a proprietary alternative. The open source history of Opsview Enterprise allowed necessary customizations to be made quickly and cost-effectively.

Opsview provides ongoing technical support to ensure The Irish Tax and Revenue continues to derive full value from Opsview now and into the future.

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