ITRS achieves NPS of 31 - Resources & Dashboards are focus for improvements

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ITRS achieves NPS of 31 - Resources & Dashboards are focus for improvements

Last week we concluded our biannual client survey, from which we derive clear insight into what is important to you and various metrics, including our ‘Net Promoter Score’ (NPS). NPS measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company's products or services to others and therefore it’s extremely important to us.

Our NPS score for March 2017 is 31, which is consistent with our last survey. We’re pleased to see that the prevailing sentiment among those who responded is one of advocacy, i.e. that clients would recommend ITRS to their counterparts. In line with this, some stand out comments include: “ITRS Geneos is a wonderful product” and “I am extremely satisfied with the product and its flexibility to adapt to our evolving needs”.

The responses to the other questions generally mirrored this view. However, our Resources sitewas flagged as something that needed to be improved. Again, this was consistent with previous surveys, so work on this has been underway for the last six months and a new Resources site will be available shortly.

The new site introduces a wider set of documentation and is fully searchable. For instance, user guides, which explain key ITRS product components and how and when to use them. We’ve also created a technical blog, which will offer tips and examples to, say, monitor a kdb+ database or get the most out of the REST API.

As well as introducing new types of content, our growing team of tech writers are systemically reviewing the structure, consistency and design of our existing documentation. They’re also building new online training modules, although both of these initiatives will materialise later this year.

Content aside, we’ve invested in the technology that underpins the website, meaning you can access our product knowledge in various file types, including PDFs. You’ll also be able to get to the information you need more easily as we’ve implemented a custom search engine, which crawls all of our websites for relevant results.

Finally, Geneos’ flexible visualisation layer – Active Dashboards – were identified as another area in need of improvement. In our latest Geneos release, dashboard functionality was updated to include Unicode support and new modifiers. Further enhancements are also noted in the product roadmap case in point, the ability to create dashboards that dynamically update based on the user’s profile.

As ever, we’re extremely grateful to those that participated. Your feedback helps us to focus our efforts where it’s needed most, whether that’s in- or -outside the software. The next survey will start in September, 2017, so please keep the feedback coming. If you didn’t receive an invitation and would like to participate, you can contact us by clicking here.

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