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Customer case study: CoreLogic improves uptime with Uptrends

Property markets are important to most people. If the market has dropped and you are trying to sell your house, you care. 

If you are a mortgage broker with a big buy-to-let portfolio of clients – and the interest rates are skyrocketing – you care. CoreLogic, the largest global provider of property information and insights, also cares. It provides valuable information and intelligence on mortgages, real estate and insurance for markets all over the world.

Its clients rely on CoreLogic’s SaaS solutions to provide them with up-to-the-minute property-level insights. So, to manage its availability, performance, and function, CoreLogic chose ITRS Uptrends.

Steve Timms, ICT Operations Manager at CoreLogic, said: “We don’t consider something complete until Uptrends says it is working.”

CoreLogic uses Uptrends and big-screen monitors to keep dashboards visible for the whole team. That way the team is alerted the minute something goes wrong. Its primary use case is infrastructure alerts, which ties directly into Slack as well as PagerDuty, and from there alerts users on call.

Scalability with Uptrends

CoreLogic has seen tremendous growth, and Uptrends has been there to support it along the way: “Uptrends helped us with identifying the right workloads to shift at the right time,” said Steve. 

Uptrends allowed CoreLogic to add additional monitors as it needed them - when new products came along or as it made acquisitions. In the case of the acquisitions, Uptrends helped establish a baseline of what the applications looked like before CoreLogic took them under its wing.

Uptrends adjusts and grows to meet customers’ needs and accommodate a vast and ever-changing technology landscape. “Using Uptrends, we were able to identify the problems and understand what needed to be worked on as we migrated them in house,” said Steve. 

Downtime, uptime

CoreLogic uses a variety of Uptrends synthetic monitoring solutions like Uptime Monitoring and Web Performance Monitoring to watch web applications closely. Knowing downtime and problem resolution times allows it to improve processes and increase customer satisfaction. It used Uptrends to get a handle on the number of outages and the amount of time the problem resolution was taking.

CoreLogic has seen a “huge reduction in the number of outages since Uptrends gave us visibility.” 

SLA monitors

CoreLogic uses SLA monitors for internal reporting and accountability and has been able to reduce the number of severity 1 and 2 incidents by approximately 62% since 2013. If an SSL certificate expires or is not setup correctly, a brand’s reputation suffers when users receive invalid certificate warnings. CoreLogic uses Uptrends SSL Certificate Monitoring to keep theirs current.

“We start to see them alerting, and if we don’t have the replacements ready to go, we know we need to hurry up to avoid the reputational damage of customers getting the warnings. It is a pretty bad day when a certificate expires.”

Web Application Monitoring

CoreLogic found Uptrends Transaction Recorder and scripting options simple to use. The process is very simple. Through the Chrome plugin it records the transaction and uploads it to its account where it can refine and test the script or submit it for testing and scripting by Uptrends support.

“One of the features of Uptrends that attracted us to the product was the fact that we could do full user journey monitoring. We use Web Application Monitoring to not only test that our application is available but that it is working,” he added.

It can not only see that its service is alive but that it is actually working as it should. It allows CoreLogic to see issues that customers in the real world would be seeing, preferably before or at least at the same time they see them.

Today, thanks to Uptrends, CoreLogic’s customers can see that the firm cares about its customers’ experience and that it is trying to stay one-step ahead of any problems they might have.

Now, that’s caring.

To learn more about how Uptrends can help your organisation to resolve website problems faster, click below. 

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