Digital Transformation

To meet your customers’ growing expectations of 24/7 service and a seamless digital experience, continuously adapting your IT estate has to become a reality

Make digital transformation your new normal


Offline or hybrid processes have been making their way into the digital world for more than a decade. ITRS Group is experienced in helping customers to shift their offline, hybrid or monolithic architectures online and into cloud or elastic environments.

Moving to the hybrid cloud

Over spending in the public cloud environment is an all-too-common side effect of digital transformation. We have helped several high profile clients switch to the hybrid cloud model, supporting them with cost, security, control and visibility every step of the way.

Optimising cloud costs

Cloud monitoring helps you analyse patterns and detect potential risks or unnecessary costs within your cloud infrastructure. Our Cloud Cost Optimisation solution gives you a full picture of your spend and allows average savings of more than 35%.

Monitoring that supports digital transformation


Build an end-to-end picture of your IT estate

As digital transformation becomes essential to business success, having a complete view over your IT estate has never been more important.

Digital processes and increasingly dynamic IT environments create complexity and opportunities for technology failure, which result in costly outages that damage your operations and reputation.

Having comprehensive, end-to-end monitoring in place means you can stay on top of your processes, applications and IT infrastructure in real time, keeping your business resilient and your customers happy.