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How Geneos can prevent a high-severity event

Imagine you are a financial technology solutions provider handling millions of trades a day involving trillions of dollars, and one of your systems fails.

Your clients cannot trade, money is lost, and your good reputation is sullied. Plus, regulators will pounce on your sub-par operational resilience management.

It happens. In June this year, customers of nearly a dozen UK banks were locked out of their accounts. They couldn’t get cash, transfer money, or use their apps. This is known as a high-severity incident or “Sev 1,” i.e., one where your customers lose access to a priority service, or your systems are hacked and their data is compromised.

Geneos helps prevent Sev 1 incidents

In the case of a US-based financial services organisation, it was struggling to address system monitoring issues that could trigger a Sev 1 or 2 incident. The issues were sent as emails and not being acted upon. The firm was using enterprise-level tools, such as performance monitoring, and some other big-company monitoring solutions, but it did not find them to be very customisable.

“You can't just go and buy a tool that will monitor a custom application, so a lot of our monitoring prior to Geneos was via bespoke scripts that were running and sending emails. You can imagine how nightmarish that was. We had a large volume of emails, no persistence, and no idea of who was looking at an alert,” said Richard, a senior analyst at the financial services firm.

The company evaluated several other products, he said, “but Geneos was the one that seemed to do everything we wanted in one place, to create that much-needed single-pane-of-glass view.”

“Geneos was able to execute a lot of our custom scripts along with a lot of its core plugins. And because it has a console, with a means of tracking alert volumes and for designing the rules, it was very easy to tailor our rules to avoid false alerts.”

Alerts are obvious on the console in the tree structure, and they help the company to avoid instances for clients before they notice them. Richard said Geneos has been instrumental in reducing the company’s incidents, and helped it avoid many Sev 1 or “system down” issues, as well as Sev 2 issues, because the monitoring is so effective.

It has also detected issues before any other of its corporate monitoring tools have identified them. The firm now has Geneos in three data centres across the globe, with about 400 users.

"I'm a massive fan of Geneos and I’m not even sure where to start when it comes to valuable features. I live and die in it and that has been the case for the last four or five years," Richard concluded.

Geneos gives you peace of mind by monitoring your processes, applications, and IT infrastructure, on-premises, in the cloud and in your highly dynamic containerised environments.

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