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December 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to this quarter´s newsletter

As we approach the end of this calendar year, it’s a good time to look ahead to our priorities and plans for 2023.

The last year has seen significant regulatory developments for operational resilience around the world.  In March, the Financial Conduct Authority’s long-awaited new rules came into effect, giving firms operating in the UK clear instructions to carry out that, once implemented, will greatly strengthen the overall resilience of the financial sector.

Then just last month, the European Parliament voted to formalise its equivalent legislation, the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), which goes even further to embed the principles of operational resilience into the legal foundation of Europe’s financial sector. And authorities in both America and across Asia are quickly following suit.

The growing global focus on operational resilience has reinforced our mission for the constant development of our solutions, to ensure they keep pace with these changing requirements. And one of the highlights of the last year certainly includes the launch of our latest product, Obcerv, in the summer. Its launch represents a new era of performance monitoring that is compatible with the complexities of modern hybrid IT estates.

Looking ahead to 2023, we are conscious of the troubling global economic outlook. However, we remain confident that the year ahead will offer opportunities that our team is as excited as ever to begin exploring.

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our thanks to you for your continued support this and every year, as well as to share our warmest wishes for the festive period and a happy New Year when it comes. 

From the team at ITRS Group


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