Collect, Analyse, Visualise

ITRS products help financial institutions across the globe to simplify information into real-time actionable insight

Application Performance Management

Business critical services are reliant on increasingly complex and interconnected IT estates. The performance of the business is dependent on the performance of the servers, the infrastructure, the connectivity, the applications and the data that flows through it.

ITRS Geneos is a vital component in managing this complex IT estate. Built for financial services and trading organisations, it collects a multitude of data, analyses it to provide fresh information, and presents it in relevant and intuitive dashboards and consoles, in real time.

Real-Time Big Data Analytics

With an increasing amount of business operations taking place electronically and the increasing use of automation and algorithms, masses of data is being produced across all of these activities. The relation between IT and business operations makes it important, and beneficial, for businesses to understand these relationships and their impacts on one another.

ITRS Insights delivers a new way of answering the increasingly overwhelming challenge of receiving, interpreting and actioning these huge amounts of data quickly and accurately.

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